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Nope, if you came here expecting one of your grandpa’s down-on-the-farm country auctions, then you had best get back on the bus.

Here, was the KCI Auto Auction, tasked with the duty of disposing of a dozen Ducati high performance motorcycles and eight super cars.  Included in the car collection were a BMW M4 convertible, a BMW X6M, a Ford Mustang Cobra Jet dragster, a 430 Scuderia Ferrari, a Ford GT, a Mosler MT900s, a McLaren MP4-12C, and a Porsche 911 GTS.  Each car was so new and of low mileage that any factory warranty might still have been in effect.

The enjoyment of viewing such an eclectic collection of high dollar rolling transportation came at the expense of others

An Overland Park man admitted to embezzling over 4 million dollars from his employer.  This sudden sultan’s collection of fine machinery no doubt set off red lights, horns and buzzers at the IRS, just like a swarm of jet fighters from Russia zipping into Alaska would have grabbed the attention of our air defense command.

On a cloudy, blustery April day, several hundred onlookers and a handful of folks with well stocked bank accounts motored over to KCI Auto Auctions in north Kansas City.  Seldom does one find at one location this many super bikes and cars unless you frequent a Hollywood nightclub.  First the bikes paraded past the auctioneers stand, usually spending less than 5 minutes between “here we have”, and “sold!!”  Many a tattooed and leather jacketed arm was raised to signify their bids.  Women of various ages and dress were peppered throughout the crowd; however, none made an effort to bid.  Some could be seen whispering in their companion’s ear, probably urging them to cease bidding.

Before the car bidding began, I wandered over to the row of super cars waiting their fate

There they sat on the cold, damp, asphalt.  This group of macho looking cars appeared emasculated as they squatted under the gloomy clouds. The white 911 seemed the most demure of the group, like a puppy cowering in a corner after a scolding.  The Porsche pined for open back country roads, waiting for a driver to unleash its’ race bred potential.

Soon, like prisoners being led to the gallows, the super cars were driven before the auctioneer.  The cars parted the crowd in Moses like fashion, rumbling to a stop, one at a time before the auctioneer’s podium.  There the cold, scowling gaze of the U.S. Marshal scanned the crowd.  I think the Marshal’s taste catered more to Crown Vic’s than what was before him.

After a few quick comments about the provenance of the car in front of him, the auctioneer began his sing-song sell

Some sold, only a few did not.  The Ford GT claimed top selling honors at $285,000.  Finally, the little white 911 crept before the masses, its headlights searching the crowd for a new and compassionate owner.  In just a little over the time it takes to do a lap at Heartland Park, the 911 was adopted for the price of $104,000.  This was perhaps a bargain, but not a steal, no pun intended.

As the taillights of the 911 faded in to the distance to a waiting car hauler, the crowd dispersed.  Some patrons had scored a much longed for prize, while others would dream for yet another day.

Driving home, I hoped that the 911 had found a warm garage waiting for it.  There the new owner could caress it’s steering wheel while bragging to his gathered friends about his fantastic find.  Soon the 911 will be singing that beautiful Porsche song from it’s tailpipes as it stretches it’s legs in the sunshine on a twisty blacktop.

Hope to see you on the road in a Porsche.


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