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New To PCA

Are You A New To PCA Or Have Transferred To The Kansas City Area?


Kansas City Porsche Club - Saturday Breakfast

The Porsche Club of America is a celebration of the finer aspects of life, where the comfort of good friends and engaging conversations is coupled with an unwavering admiration for the world’s finest automobiles.

Since its inception in 1955, this close-knit community of Porsche enthusiasts has flourished, now comprising 147 regions across the United States and Canada. For those fortunate enough to own a Porsche, joining the club is a natural step into a world of exclusive experiences.

The Kansas City Region (KCRPCA) dating back to its chartering in 1960, reflects the passion of its members and the growth of the Porsche community. Originally consisting of a small group of charter members driving Porsche 356s, the Kansas City Region has evolved to include over 1,013 members with a diverse array of Porsche models, from the iconic 911 to the newer Boxsters, Cayennes, Caymans, Panameras, and Taycans.

At KCRPCA, the spectrum of events caters to various interests of Porsche owners. From Autocross and Driving Tours to Tech Sessions, Drivers Education weekends, and even competitive PCA Club Races at the Ozarks International Raceway road course.

Social events include open houses, picnics, dinners, and holiday parties, with the Saturday morning breakfast being a particularly popular gathering and the thrill of Sim Racing every Friday night are part of the vibrant schedule.

KCRPCA embodies the essence of the Porsche experience. From the distinctive machines that set Porsches apart to the passionate individuals who drive them, the club offers a perfect fusion of automotive excellence and camaraderie.

KCRPCA beckons as a haven of exclusive experiences and shared enthusiasm.

As a member of PCA, you automatically become part of the Kansas City Region Porsche Club. We invite you to check out all the events planned throughout the year and get connected.


As member of KCRPCA you are a  proud owner of a Porsche, have become a valued member of the Porsche Club of America (PCA), and call the picturesque Kansas City Region your home.


No KCRPCA dues! Membership is free if you meet the required eligibility.


Membership dues includes over 50 events each year, Sims Racing every Friday night, every Saturday morning breakfast, a subscription to Der Sportwagen’s award-winning monthly magazine and life long friends.

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