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The Lightning and Thunder of Club Racing

By: – Jeremy

Porsches took over the track at Hastings with the Great Plains Region PCA, then two weekends later a bunch of P cars ran in mixed classes with NASA CR right back at Hastings!

The Kansas City Region Porsche  Club of America members saw some fantastic race action. In SP1, last year’s top three drivers in the nation ran nose to tail in a race that saw many lead changes and really tight competition.  SP3 saw a really fast 968 dominate and lay down some blistering laps.  SPEC Boxsters were plentiful and there was some neat vintage iron as well, including a 914-6.  Hats off to the Great Plains Region for hosting a great event; the racing and HPDE were a success.

NASA CR saw a bunch of Porsches in the race group, all having strong finishes.  The #023 Cayman of Team RennsportKC, and the #02 Boxster of John Bleazard and the #5 of myself (Jeremy Butcher) all saw the podium throughout the weekend.  A special congratulations goes out to John for having a great race as a rookie.  I am posting some in car video of the battle we had for position.

As always, NASA and Great Plains PCA had great HPDE drivers as well. Chris McIntyre really sets the baseline in his 718 Boxster S in Group 4, as well as Mike Butcher in his Early 944 NA in Group 3, as well as a lot of others.  Both groups have great programs for new drivers to learn how to drive on the track.  NASA CR’s next event at Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka is August 10-11, 2019. The KCRPCA at Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka is September 6-8, 2019.

Register for NASA event here

Register for KCRPCA event here

As always, I hope that everyone can attend both events. If you have never driven on track before, it is easy to get started.  Both groups provide in car instruction and class-room time to make sure you get comfortable, and then as your skill improves, we move you up through the ranks so you will be driving with other like skill levels.  Anyone with questions, feel free to see me at breakfast on Saturdays (unless it is a track weekend) or shoot me an email:

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