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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The old saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know”, comes to mind as I start this reflection of the St. Joseph Fun Run held November 6, 2021. Reflecting on previous years events, Connie and I always wonder when mother nature is going to raise an eyebrow and challenge our weather conditions. Once again, the Gods poured sunshine on the event. The annual Kansas City Region Porsche Club of America drive to St. Joseph Fun Run was spectacular. The number of Porsches participating was stunning.

Covid challenges aside, people came out for the drive with a massive variety of our favorite cars. I heard a car count of 58. This had to be close to a record for KCRPCA. It certainly was for the St. Joseph event. Porsches of every color and age were lined up on Brink Meyer Road for the start of the event. Old and new arrived with at least one 2022 car and I honestly don’t know the oldest. A spectacular 904 replica made for a lot of conversation. There were times when I wondered if there was going to be enough room on the street where we were assembling? Porsches and their people just kept arriving for the event.

The drive took a slightly different route again this year. A recommendation heard at previous fun runs was to have a restroom break someplace along the route. Some people arrive just prior to our departure time and don’t have the benefit of the facilities at the starting point. We traversed through the rolling hills south of Platte City, where we broke for the restroom break at the QuikTrip. This stop has become special with many local people admiring this collection of our favorite cars.

We left the Quik Trip and proceeded to head north towards St. Joseph. We stay off interstate highways and find ourselves driving towards Weston, Missouri. Arriving on the northside of Weston, we depart a US highway in favor of state roads that journey along the Missouri River bluffs. This affords us great scenery that included freshly manicured farms, multiple estates, vineyards, and even well maintained cemeteries were found along the way. The canopies on the trees were aglow this year. Maine is a favorite journey for Connie and l. Missouri trees this year could compete with the Maine colors as we enjoyed them en route.

Journeying north, we traveled past DeKalb, MO as we headed for our St. Joseph destination. 2021 was to be no different when we arrived at the south end of St.Joseph. Waiting for us were numerous members of the St. Joseph Police Department. St. Joseph’s finest escort us nonstop as we drive through St. Joseph. If you are a person that likes to run stop lights, California stops at stop signs, yield to no one and do so while being attended to by police on motorcycles or in patrol cars, this is an event for you. We stopped for no one, once we were joined by our officers.

The biggest highlight of the escorted drive is the 26-mile-long parkway that snakes from south St. Joseph to north St. Joseph. This parkway was developed beginning in 1916. It begins at Hyde Park in south St. Joseph and there are many parks and a city golf course. There is lots of great green space for citizens and visitors alike to enjoy. A detour from the normal journey put us on Ashland Avenue in St. Joseph. Ashland is a tree lined route that takes you past numerous older beautifully constructed homes. Spectacularly colored leaves on the massive maples and oaks lined the route.

Each year we end the fun run at the entrance of Krug Park. We gathered for pictures at the St. Peter Lutheran Church parking lot. Numbers of our members went to the police officers to thank them for the magnificent management of traffic. Previous arrangements to use the church’s restrooms gave welcome relief after our drive. Some people headed back to Kansas City while others would continue traveling to our home.

We held a private BBQ at our home for pre-registered guests. We had many first time guests journey to our property. For those that have not been to our home, we enjoy spectacular views for miles in many directions with plenty of area to park 40+ cars. Vanzinos BBQ catered the event in our wonderfully decorated barn. Chad Pinzino, a longtime family friend, went out of his way to see everyone was properly fed. Connie Wollenman, our barn decorator, made sure there were plenty of drinks and desserts available.

Connie and I want to thank everyone that attended. Special thanks to those that stayed and helped put away tables and chairs. See you next year.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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