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I don’t like to be late to events. However, there is something impressive about rolling up to the KCRPCA Oktoberfest a few minutes late.

Stan and I had some kid events to coordinate before heading to Oktoberfest, putting us 10 minutes off schedule.  Oktoberfest is a casual event, so we were not that worried.  We rounded the corner to Fred and Cindy Quintana’s neighborhood. Stan pointed, saying “Wow, would you look at that!”  Cars were lined up way down Quintana’s street.  Stan, being the true Porsche-guy, started naming off the cars.  He has done this so often that I think I know them all by now.

Eventually we made it to the Quintana humble domicile and were greeted by Fred Quintana and Jim Cummings, directing traffic.  They waved us up the long driveway towards the house.  The driveway was packed with people and chairs. Fred and Jim started waving and pointing us to the left and Fred’s front yard.

The Quintana’s front yard was already two rows deep with attendee parking. We rolled along to the end of Fred’s yard. Yes, Stan was still pointing out and naming cars. It is a talent he is quite proud of.

Hopping out of the car, he said “I have to make my video. I’ll meet you by the garage.”  Off he went. I’m sure I will see the fruits of his iPhone-labor on YouTube or in the Der Sportwagen soon.  I headed to the large gathering of people on the driveway.

I found Cindy Quintana and asked if she needed any last minute help.  She and Fred had everything under control as usual.  We were just waiting on the food to finish cooking.  A special thanks to Chris Cakes for catering our event.

It was not long at all before the food was ready and a hungry line of KCRPCA members formed. Everyone was ready for some burgers, brats, and lots of side fixings. Quintana’s residence had plenty of room for people to eat out on the driveway or in the detached garage-mahal.

With dinner out of the way, everyone knew what was next; BINGO!  I need to pause and say thank you to Rob and Connie Waldrop and other members for bringing some wonderful prizes to the event.

Members squeezed into Quintana’s garage and quickly picked seats.  Bingo is serious business. Some people were even playing two cards!  Fred and Cindy began to spin the numbers and it was game on.

It was not long before we started hearing members yelling BINGO!  Stan validated the winning cards and the members went up to pick their prize.  Some of the prizes were teddy bears, flags, PCA mugs, lamps, car cleaning equipment, and more.  Lots more.

With the evening winding down and the sun long since set, members slowly began to say their goodbyes. Stan and I may have come a little late, but we stayed late also, helping to pack up tables and chairs. We ended the day with hugs and high-fives. Another Oktoberfest in the books.

Many thanks to Fred and Cindy for another wonderful evening with Porsche people!

Now I just need to find Stan. He’s probably off taking some last minute pictures or something.

~ Deborah

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