Join us every Saturday morning at Pegah’s Restaurant, ­­12122 W 87th Street, Lenexa, KS 66215.  Arrive at 7:00 am, Dine at 7:30 am.

KCRPCA members have been meeting for breakfast on Saturday mornings since 1975. The location may have changed over the years, but the enthusiasm for the gathering has been consistent.

For some it is a short drive down the street. Others regularly drive in from St. Joseph, MO, Topeka, KS and even Junction City, KS (a 2 hour drive) to join this weekly event. We keep this weekly tradition alive through the heat of summer and the bone chilling freeze of winter.

Our highest member attendance was 56 members and the lowest attendance occurred on Saturday the 26th of December 2015 during a snowstorm. Yes, the day after Christmas 8 members met to keep the tradition alive. That is dedication to the club and a love of pancakes.

For many, breakfast is just as much about the sunrise-drive as it is meeting up with friends to talk cars and drink coffee. Some of us watch the changing colors of the clouds while driving on the back, twisty roads. Others take the early morning hours to hit the highways for a fast blast. But which ever road you choose, joining us for breakfast Saturday mornings is simply the perfect start to the day.