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His & Her Boxsters

HIS STORY – – – 

I wanted a P-car since I was a kid. The kind with the engine in the right place, not the front engined things.  Fast forward 30 years when our daughters got off the payroll to when my wife began goading me into looking at something she saw online.  I kept resisting and figured I’d never do it.

The day before I went to Kauai on a guy trip in 2016, she came down with a lead on a really clean Boxster.   I finally threw up my hands and said “Ok”. Looked at it that night and was so impressed I put a deposit down knowing that she would have to close the deal, as I would be leaving the next morning for nearly 2 weeks.  I got a picture of my Seal grey 2001 5 speed box in my garage during the trip!  After driving a Lexus LS400 daily for nearly 11 years, it’s a huge difference and I’m thrilled every time I get behind the wheel.

The best part of our situation is that in the fall of 2017 Susie found a White Boxster Tiptronic.  She had fallen for mine but wanted her own. After driving mini-vans for 20 years, I understood.  The kicker is that SHE was leaving for 2 weeks on a girls’ trip to Kauai and it was up to me to close the deal; if the car was okay.  It was okay enough and she got to drive it home the day she got back from her trip.

Two years later we’re a 2-Porsche family. We still have the mini-van as we’ve got 3 Lab’s and identical-twin grandsons.  We’ve enjoyed being in the Porsche Club for various reasons.  We’ve been on a couple fun runs together and I’ve done 2 DE’s and 2 autocrosses, as that’s not her gig.  Meeting people and forming new friendships both on and off the track is something neither of us expected, but really enjoy.  We both look forward to doing more with the club in the future!

HER STORY – – – 

My story is that I fell in love with Brian’s car. He loved driving his car and I loved riding in it!

I decided after driving a minivan for years that it was time to get something smaller and fun! Suddenly it dawned on me that I wanted that something smaller to be a Boxster just like Brian’s. I was surprised when I brought it up jokingly and he agreed! It made no sense for us to be a two Boxster family and it would be completely irresponsible… so we did it anyway! Very unlike us!  

I was specific about my ideal Porsche. I wanted a white Boxster and I wanted an automatic transmission.  I needed to be able to talk on the phone and eat french fries at the same time. I didn’t want a garage queen; I wanted to drive it. Everyday.

Right away, I found just what I was looking for, at the right price, on As luck would have it, the car was located in Springfield, MO.  I couldn’t believe I had found the car I wanted so close to home. Oddly enough, I was leaving for a girl’s trip to Hawaii that weekend and Brian was the one to go to Springfield to look at the car. I called as soon as I had landed to get the details. While not perfect the car, it would suit my needs just fine and when I came home from my trip, I had something to look forward to! We were going to pick it up the next evening!

Above is the picture we took of our cars side by side the night we picked mine up!

We have really enjoyed being a part of the Porsche Club of KC. It has given us opportunities to meet new fabulous people and spend time together. I have learned so much about my car. I now know how to change the oil in my car.  I helped replace the water pump and put on a new accessory belt! I have also helped replace the control arm of the convertible top that broke! More quality time together! Ha ha! When weather permits, we can be seen washing our cars together in the driveway!

Our oldest daughter gave us the gift of identical twin boys last year, so having two Boxsters is impractical at best. My solution? One of us is going to need a 911, so the boys can ride in the back! We’ll see!

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