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My husband likes to talk about why we joined the club. He says ‘he’ joined the club for himself. We had a 944 Turbo at the time and ‘he’ joined to get more information about the car, or so he thought.

What started as a club for ‘him’ has quickly become a club for ‘us’.  We have met some wonderful friends over our brief 14 years in the club. This club for ‘us’ has lots to offer from driving events to social events, and I like the social events!

Last month we had a members’ social dinner at Garozzo’s Ristorante. Who can say no to dinner with 70 of your closest friends! Right?

We gathered at Garozzo’s around 6:30.  Vince, our Social Chair, had positioned himself at the front door. He was a one man welcoming committee. Very nice touch Vince.

Stan and I wandered into the back room where a few members were already beginning to gather.  Introductions were made and drink orders placed.  Soon the room was practically full. Actually, it was packed.  We had 70 members in attendance.  New faces and old; everyone was ready for dinner.

The head waitress clinked the dinner glass to get everyone’s attention and explained how the staff was about to take orders for 70 people. No small feat if you ask me.

We had appetizers, salads, a main course and of course, dessert. One interesting comment about ordering.  We had two options for salads and three options for the main course. Salad options were house salad or Caesar salad. I like a good Caesar salad and Garozzo’s did not disappoint. The main course was Garozzo’s famous chicken spiedini served in three different sauces of your choosing. The offerings were a spicy diablo red sauce, a creamy alfredo fettuccine, or amogio, a blend of olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and herbs. I went for the alfredo and it was oh-so-delicio-so.

Complimentary bread was served immediately followed quickly by our salads. I paused to look around the room. Everyone was deep in conversation with the people around them. It makes me happy to see everyone having fun. In no time, the beautiful aroma of spiedini filled the room, as tray after tray of Italian goodness was brought out.  There was almost a collective “Oooohh” as the plates were placed in front of the diners. It was impressive to see everyone receiving the right orders.

Before we knew it, dessert was served and coffee poured. Dessert was a sorbet with just the right amount of tart to it.  I was stuffed.

One by one people stood, hugged, and said their goodbyes. Stan and I followed suit.

Funny thing when we stepped outside into the setting sun.  Most of the people inside were now outside standing in the parking lot still talking! The vent continued.

I’m guessing, what started as a club for just them, has now become a club for everyone.

I’m looking forward to the next social event.  If you see me, save me a seat.

~ Deborah

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